Posted by: isaraffee | August 9, 2009

Exploring RAID in OpenSUSE 11.1 Part 4

Monitoring RAID

You can configure mdadm to sent you email an active disk fails or when It detects a degaraded array. Degraded means a new array that has not yet been populated with all of its disks, or an array with a failed disk:

But first, you must make sure that the mdadmd (mdadm’s daemon) is runnung. Simply type:

neptune:/etc/init.d # ps -ef|grep mdadmd

root 5658 5531 0 10:07 pts/1 00:00:00 grep mdadmd

This shows that the mdadmd daemon is not running. TO run it, type:

neptune:~ # cd /etc/init.d/

neptune:/etc/init.d # ./mdadmd start

Starting mdadmd done

Now let’s type the command which will monitor your RAID and will notify you via email if there is problem with your RAID.

neptune:~ # mdadm –monitor –scan –mail=root@linux.local –delay=60 /dev/md0


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