Posted by: isaraffee | August 10, 2009

Configuring User’s Groups in Sabayon Linux

Creating Users and Configuring User’s Profile

In Sabayon, after you have created new users, it’s important that you assigned the necessary groups to the newly created user. This is critical, otherwise you may find that the new user would not be able to lauch the the audio components like the speaker, etc. So in my case, I have given the groups that belong to the root user to the new user. Please make sure that no security is breached.

sabayonx86 ~ # su – ismail

ismail@sabayonx86 ~ $

ismail@sabayonx86 ~ $ groups

root disk wheel floppy uucp audio cdrom dialout video games cdrw usb users portage clamav messagebus haldaemon scanner plugdev qemu


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