Posted by: isaraffee | September 14, 2009

Managing Repositories in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

Managing Repositories in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

To see the repositories for Ubuntu Jaunty,go to :

cd /etc/apt/

Type the following command:

less sources.list | grep -v “^#”

The command above basically will filter off the lines that begins with the pound sign #.

My output look like the one below:

deb jaunty main restricted

deb-src jaunty main restricted

deb jaunty-updates main restricted

deb-src jaunty-updates main restricted

deb jaunty universe

deb-src jaunty universe

deb jaunty-updates universe

deb-src jaunty-updates universe

deb jaunty multiverse

deb-src jaunty multiverse

deb jaunty-updates multiverse

deb-src jaunty-updates multiverse

deb jaunty-security main restricted

deb-src jaunty-security main restricted

deb jaunty-security universe

deb-src jaunty-security universe

deb jaunty-security multiverse

deb-src jaunty-security multiverse

The deb line refers to the packages while the deb-src refers to the source file

The repository components are:

  • Main – Officially supported software.
  • Restricted – Supported software that is not available under a completely free license.
  • Universe – Community maintained software, i.e. not officially supported software.
  • Multiverse – Software that is not free and not officially supported

You can update the repository file through command line and GUI. To edit by command line, use any editor of your choice. If you want to edit via GUI, you can use one of the following methods:

System–>Administration–>Software Sources

System–>Administration–>Synaptic Package Manager

By using the software package management tools already installed on your system, you can search for, install and update any piece of software directly over the Internet, without the need for the CD.


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