Posted by: isaraffee | September 15, 2009

Installing mplayer in Slackware 12

Installing mplayer in Slackware 12

Here is what I did to install mplayer



root@galaxy:~/Desktop/downloads# wget


=> `mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl.tgz’

Resolving…, 2001:200:0:1::800:21

Connecting to||:21… connected.

Logging in as anonymous … Logged in!

==> SYST … done. ==> PWD … done.

==> TYPE I … done. ==> CWD /pub/Linux/linuxpackages/Slackware-12.0/X11/mplayer … done.

==> PASV … done. ==> RETR mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl.tgz … done.

[ <=> ] 10,285,116 184.35K/s

15:10:52 (86.49 KB/s) – `mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl.tgz’ saved [10285116]

A tgz file that was packaged for Slackware is the compiled binaries for that program. Think of tgz as an RPM, it’s already gone through the configure, make and make install steps for you on a particular architecture.

root@galaxy:~/Desktop/downloads# installpkg mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl.tgz

Installing package mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl…


mplayer: mplayer (MPlayer 1.0rc2)


mplayer: This is the no-dependency build of MPlayer – The Movie Player.

mplayer: MPlayer is a multimedia player that can play most audio and video

mplayer: formats. It is bundled with MEncoder, a command line video encoder.


mplayer: All this build requires is Slackware 12 with mplayer-codecs

mplayer: installed into /usr/lib/codecs.


mplayer: Packaged by Ariszlo.

Executing install script for mplayer-1.0rc2-i686-3szl…

root@galaxy:~/Desktop/downloads# which mplayer



You may want to install the mplayer codecs.

Installing mplayer codecs

Download the packagefrom

# installpkg mplayer-codecs-20071007-noarch-1szl.tgz


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