Posted by: isaraffee | February 2, 2010

Configuring Samba in Vector Linux 5.8

Configuring Samba in Vector 5.8

Make sure the Windows host can communicate with the Linux host, via ping. In this exercise I use a laptop that is installed with XP (the samba client) and a host which is installed with Vector LInux (the samba server)

You don’t need to create any user account in Windows. All configuration and user account are created in Vector Linux server.

Just make sure the workgroup name are the same for both in Windows and Linux. For example, I use MSHOME as the workgroup.

On the Samba server (Vector Linux):

In the Samba server, create a user:

useradd username

And to make that username in Samba type:

smbpasswd –a username

Make sure the username are the same and it is only wise to use the same password.

Edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf

In the Samba server, you will need to edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file.

I only need to change the workgroup name.

My samba configuration file looks like the one below


workgroup = MSHOME

server string = Samba Server

security = user

load printers = yes

log file = /var/log/samba.%m

max log size = 50

socket options = TCP_NODELAY

dns proxy = no

comment = Home Directories
browseable = no
writable = yes

comment = All Printers
path = /var/spool/samba
browseable = no
guest ok = no
writable = no
printable = yes

Once you save and quit the file, restart samba

/etc/rc.d/./rc.samba stop

/etc/rc.d/./rc.samba start

Make sure you change the permissions of the newly created account

cd /home

mkdir idris

chown idris:users idris/

On Windows XP (the samba client)

On the Windows host, under Network Neighbourhood, if the Samba services in running you will see something like this

Samba client, a Windows XP

When you click on the Samba Server icon you will be presented with the logon window as shown below:

Logon window to the Samba server via the Windows XP Samba client

You will have to key in the user name that you have configured for Samba in the Linux server.

Make sure that the user account exist is the Linux server. If not make one i.e. in the Linux and not in Windows. Equally important are the permissions of the account folder that I mentioned earlier. Make sure the permissions belongs to the account user and not root user. Otherwise the user will not be able to access his folder.

Once you can log on to the Samba share via Windows client, create a file,write some contents in it, save it and check that you can also access it via Linux. This is all what Samba is all about i.e. sharing files between Windows and Linux.


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